FODMAP Testimonial

I came to Annalien / Smart Health Namibia through a recommendation from my gastroenterologist because I finally wanted to know the underlying cause of my long-standing complaints of my stomach and intestines.

I suffered from nausea, frequent stomach cramps and painful gas. Even after eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, I had symptoms.

I had about six sessions with Annalien. And now – six months later – 80% of the symptoms are gone. I can also eat food again that is not good for me. My stomach and intestines have calmed down and I can now tolerate almost everything again.

Annalien took a detailed medical history with me and asked me about my eating habits and my way of life. She cleared up wrong ideas (e.g., that carbohydrates are always bad) and explained the interplay between food, digestion, and intolerance.

We then decided on the FODMAP diet: I was only allowed to eat a few selected foods for four weeks. Then I ate certain foods again. If I had discomfort afterwards, I knew that this food was not good for me and that I should avoid it in the future.

The personal list created in this way is still an important daily aid to me.

Annalien listens carefully, she explains everything in detail, and you can always ask your questions. She is a specialist in her field and really tries to find the causes of the complaints. It is individual advice, which helped me a lot and gave me back a large part of a good quality of life again.

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