Smart Health Testimony

Lost, but gained. – Madelene

I was tired almost all the time despite getting 8 hours of sleep and I struggled with frequent infections. I had no energy to exercise; weight was packing on, and I felt powerless against this rut I
was in. I tested my vitamin levels and spent a lot of money on supplements and metabolism and energy boosters. Sometimes they worked, but the results never really lasted.

I realized that I had to do more and decided to try out Smarthealth in the hopes that I can achieve a more sustainable way of increasing my energy levels and improved wellbeing.

I learned so much from Annalien. She is professional, friendly and stays current with latest information. I learned what a balanced meal looks like, how to correctly portion a plate, the importance of a healthy gut and just how to use food to fuel the right organisms. Basically, getting cured from the inside out.

I now have the energy to live a fuller life and got a better perspective on food and its effect on the body. I am also empowered to continue creating meal plans for myself based on the knowledge I now have.

I did not only drop a lot of centimetres, but I gained so much more.

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