FODMAP Testimonial
Amanda van der Westhuizen

Now that I’ve been on a low-fodmap eating plan for 6 months, I’ve realised why my quality of life was always so low. I realized that I was constantly in pain and had chronic inflammation, and thought it was normal.

I could never get ahead in my health no matter what I did, and thought I just had very bad genes. Now I know that food is not the enemy and really is meant to nourish us and help us heal. With this new-found knowledge of the nature of IBS and it’s triggers, I know how to eat in order to benefit my body and not harm it. In addition to that, the weight has come off effortlessly and I’ve lost 15kg without really even trying. I was so focused on feeling better, I didn’t notice the weight dropping.

I’m now living the life I’ve always wanted but couldn’t understand why I couldn’t have it.

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