Smart Health Namibia
Sima Nashihanga

Earlier this year I could tell my gut was not well. I battled with tiredness/low energy, bloated, constant constipation and nausea on some occasions throwing up. I visited the doctor and was diagnosed with gastritis, the doctor explained that it might be due to my eating habits. Therefore, I told myself, I need to see a dietitian to help me eat right, heal my gut and get the right nutrients that my body needs.

I went onto the internet and started searching for a dietitian, Smart Health Namibia -Annalien Turner popped up. I went on to read her page and set up an appointment immediately! Annalien put me on a meal plan for 3 weeks. My goodness, wonders started happening to my gut and digestive system! I said good-bye to being bloated, I pass stool everyday sometimes twice a day, I lost some weight and started feeling a whole lot better. Annalien, thank you for the life changing experience and introducing me to new healthy eating habits!

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