My Journey To Health
– Susan

I realised there was something wrong with my digestive system in late 2019. My stomach was extremely uncomfortable, drinking a glass of water would make my stomach bloated, so much so that sometimes I thought I looked fully pregnant to top it my weight kept on spiralling upwards from 59 Kg to 64 Kg in a period of 6 months (April 2020). My daughter advised me several times to consult a dietician.

I was adamant emphasising “I eat healthily, drink a lot of water, I don’t drink soft drinks nor alcohol. The dietician cannot give me better advice than what I am doing right now”. I started experimenting with dieting, gluten-free, lactose-free, only vegetables, low-carb diet; nothing worked with my distraught stomach. The situation only got worse. Sometimes it was difficult to sit upright due to my bloated stomach.

Finally, I visited my GP, who sent me packing for blood tests hormone tests etc. I thought this was due to hormones since I was post-menopausal and classified as elderly. My blood tests came out normal. Okay so do I have to get used to it?? This was unacceptable!

Now came COVID lockdown a golden opportunity to engage in extra physical activity. I got serious about my exercise regime. To my dismay, no amount of exercises nor eating healthy had any effect on my weight nor my stomach conditions of bloating, burping, flatulence, my weight crept up to 66 kg.

Now I was concerned

I went for a second opinion, visited a Dr with my blood report and finally conceded to my daughter’s suggestion and consulted a dietician who after a lengthy discussion immediately put me on the LOW FODMAP diet for four weeks. When I visited the dietician on 9th November 2020 I weighed 66.4 kg. I had followed the LOW FODMAP diet religiously and I could see the difference in just two weeks.

After two weeks my bloating stomach had shrunk, no heartburn, no burping I was happy with this development. It was challenging to maintain the LOW FODMAP routine, family birthdays, anniversaries, challenging to control myself somehow and persevered.

I visited the dietician after a month (2nd December 2020) and VOW!! My weight HAD REDUCED to 65.1 kg and my waistline shrunk from 96.5 cm to 95.1 cms very impressive! There comes the festive season I tried my best… and persevered. And continued but cheating and eating cakes and festive yummy food.

Today my stomach is so happy no bloating, no burping, no flatulence I can eat all and to top it all today (15th April 2021) I weigh 61.5 kg.

This would not have been possible without the intervention of my trusted dietitian Annalien Turner who introduced me to LOW FODMAP, who could see I was sceptical about how Low FODMAP can help me since I was very fidgety during our discussion thinking it’s not going to help me!! I thought of giving it a try too and was VOWED!!

My thanks to Annalien for advising me and walking along with me on LOW FODMAP diet and my daughter for persuading me to go see her ‘Small changes in food habits and micro food matter a lot’ The LOWFOD map diet is not challenging but not easy. I am back to your normal eating my gut is back to normal.

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