FODMAP Testimonial
– Klara Dreyer

When I started seeing Annalien, I didn’t know I was struggling with IBS. I had become so used to the symptoms, that I didn’t even identify them as hindersome anymore.

I have been in a long time battle with mood and energy levels, and I thought maybe a change in diet could combat this.  I had tried absolutely everything and nothing seemed to work. That said, I naturally ate a balanced diet, but Annalien helped me see the importance of portion size, quantity and quality of the food consumed.

After taking an extensive health report, she placed me on a Low FODMAP diet that truly changed my relationship with food, my body and IBS. IBS is your body telling you: please, I am lacking what I need. It’s not a punishment nor a restriction.

I recommend anyone with apparent IBS to give the Low FODMAP a go. I can happily vouch the almost 100% improvement on the following:

– lack of energy: I now sleep 7-8 hours instead of 12-14.
– bloating
– constant diarrhea/constipation
– I can now drink coffee as often as I would like to: before I could barely drink one without having stomach problems.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I encourage any person suffering to take a step and contact Annalien, let her help you.

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