Smart Health Testimony
Irene Nghitanapo

Hi everyone. My name is Irene. I would like to share some stories about my health journey. I have realized we actually don’t understand on what or how our body works and what is needed to work properly and stay in shape. I remember waking up feeling nauseous all the time or feeling bloated almost every day without having the knowledge of what’s really causing all these uncomfortable feeling in my body. At times, I would feel really heavy, fat and sleeping was a bit of a challenge.

So I was recommended to a dietitian at Smart Health Namibia – her name is Annalien. I went on a low Fodmap diet. After 3 weeks I have seen and felt so many changes inside and outside my body. I felt light, fresh and healthier. With all the information my dietitian has provided made me more understand on what nutrients my body needs mostly and the amount of food my body needs. It was an amazing journey and I am going to continue with my healthy diet!

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