FODMAP Testimonial
Hedwig Black

I always suffered from digestive issues. I assumed it was just one of those things that some people are born with and that one simply had to make peace with it. I lived most of my life under this illusion until I decided to go on a weight loss journey and just a much more healthier lifestyle.

I reached out to Annalien to help me to manage my diet and that is when I discovered all the unpleasantness I have been experiencing for over 20 years was simply IBS. I say simply because it meant that something could actually be done about it. I started on the low FODMAP diet right away and I must admit it was a huge adjustment. I had to find new and creative ways to prepare meals that I enjoyed.

Within a week a could feel sever improvement on many of my symptoms. I had much more frequent bowl movements, my chronic nausea completely resolved itself, my mood improved and my energy levels picked up significantly. My new diet coupled with regular exercise truly gave me hope that one can manage IBS and live a much improved life. No matter how hard the journey, every step of the way is so worth it.

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