Smart Health Testimony
– Penehafo Endjala

Everything starts with what you believe in and what you want to achieve. I started reading the healthy magazine in my early twenties and practising a healthier lifestyle in my early thirties. In my mid-forties I developed pimples in my face which brought me discomfort. I did eat my traditional food, fruits, vegetables, drink water and did some exercise. I visited doctors, dermatologist, Skin therapist etc and I tried different products, cheaper and expensive, none of it helped. The process brought me a lot of stress and I started researching the causes of acne, etc. I got a lot of information and discussed this with my best friend who happens to be a nurse. I asked if she knew any dietitian she could recommend to me and she connected me to Mrs. Annalien Turner. Meeting Mrs Turner I discovered that everything needs to be balanced, from exercising and allocating a time to it per day. The amount of food I ate, being protein, fat and carbohydrates for all my meals. Litres of water that I would have to drink. We did the DNA test that looks at my skin, diet and overall health. From that DNA report the Mediterranean diet was developed. I met the skin doctor with my skin report that explained what had been found. The whole process taught me that the acne that I was experiencing was in fact the reaction of many unbalanced things that needed attention in my body. By looking for proper treatment, I was helped and got my beautiful face back and found happiness.

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