FODMAP Testimonial
– Fergusson Paulse

I suffered from chronic stomach issues. First of all my dietitian assisted a lot with my recovery, and I am sincerely grateful.

Since starting the low FODMAP diet, my health improved exponentially. The diet was different than any other experienced, however it was fun and challenging at the same time. It required discipline, however it was not impossible.

The diet assisted with weight loss as the portions were smaller than normal, but well balanced due to the nutrition types.

One a daily basis, I would consume a glass of juice with every meal, thinking its healthy. Only after the diet did I realise that the bad bacteria lives on simple carbohydrates. As Namibians, we consume a huge amount of red meat. As soon as I changed my diet to food substances such as fish, chicken and game meat I could see the changes, however still enjoying proteins. I increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables as well. I soon realised that whatever we eat we become and whatever we eat we feed.

Occasionally I enjoyed a glass of good whiskey. The diet made me realise that this too is unhealthy and aggravates the diet as 1g of alcohol contains 29kJ.

During this difficult time one realized that nothing is as important as your health & health is wealth.

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